3 runs, 46 miles, 4124m of climbing

and a severe weather warning

As a recent convert to long distance running, there are certain cycling habits I find hard to kick. And one is looking for hills. At the end of the day, even going up hills slowly builds strength you don’t get from running on the flat, however far you go.

A quick google, and stealing inspiration from www.endurancelife.com I decided to explore their South Devon coastal route and the surrounding area.

Over three days I trotted 46 steady miles, in some of the UK’s best scenery. Despite the forecast rain, things worked out dry-ish but WINDY. So much so, that on day 3, I changed my planned cliff hugging, more technical route from Beesands to a cliff top route from Hope Cove. It still had over 2,000m of climbing, so no easy option. The wider paths and mud were preferable to steep drops and wet stone paths, which in trail shoes become incredibly slippy.

A great 3 days, fuelled by the beautiful scenery have been mentally inspiring and recharging. I love being able to run in conditions, and in places where it just isn’t practical or safe to be on a bike, and above all, I just love running on deserted trails.

Things I learned:

  • Take time to stop for pictures
  • Eating at half way makes the journey back quicker.
  • Beef jerky is a better mid run snack than 2 cookies.
  • Running on coastal paths in winter is fantastic, even in gale force winds and or rain
  • My salomon 12 running vest is a top piece of kit
  • Running for multiple days is ok, when fit, if you go steady, and on soft terrain
  • Coastal trails are great for exploring new areas – super easy to navigate