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MdS: Are you as hungry for the finish 2nd time around? What happens when you get a debilitating condition, and already have the medal?

You can just make out the colour and texture of the heat rash Sarah endured. This photo does not do it justice. Read on....     Sarah, an experienced multi-day stage racer takes on MdS for the second time. But... Continue Reading →

MdS: The things you really want to know. From toenails to toilet paper

Over the next few weeks I will be posting a series of quick fire questions with 2017 MdS finishers. Featuring competers to completers, first timers, multi finishers, walkers, racers, young guns and old-enough-to know-betters, Brits and beyond. I was lucky... Continue Reading →

Marathon Des Sables 2017: 7th Female & Top British Woman

  I'm still in shock, both from the race and the result. I hadn't featured in the race preview¬†'top 10 women predictions', and I hadn't considered it myself either. But I was there to race, not just finish, thanks to... Continue Reading →

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